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2 years ago



I've long had fantasies about sex with older men and had many sexual adventures in recent years. Last night was hot as usual in order to reach for someone, and I am glad registered. I soon found a local guy - porncor 67 years old and after describing to him how horny I felt and what he wanted from him, offered to come and help. I love being naked when they arrive - as he walked through the door, I was on all fours in the middle of the living room with my ass and demanding attention. Without a word, he knelt behind me and threw me across the cheek... His tongue began to probe my anus, as his fingers slid easily into my wet pussy, as I had said I As soon as my juices flowing, let your fingers behind my pussy and my ass rolling forward with me porncor and enjoying every minute. Soon replaced by his cock and slowly opened my eyes swollen porncor glands in close, cried as she slid in its 7 inches to the hilt, hisage drop balls pushing against my swollen clit. I was in heaven, as he rolled from side to side brings me closer and closer with each thrust culmination. and I had my hips harder and harder to hit me with such unbelievable feeling dizzy. One of his hands slid between my legs and began my pussy, running down from the wide open now, with my thigh juices his fingers. I could feel my orgasm building and asked him to cum in my ass - as he fucked her harder and harder, got four fingers in the pussy and I reached down to rub my clitoris. My whole body started shaking and my room was filled with moaning and screaming as my body exploded my juices pumping so hard that she squirted all over the carpet - I felt tense and then blow his cock deep into porncor my soul when it gives free rein to your semen boiling. porncor Exhausted, I collapsed on the floor - milk oozing out of my ass, the carpet soaked with my juices. He smiled as he pulled his pants.... " What a wonderful dog you are," he said.... I want to pass your name to my friends. when he was naked, stood porncor in the doorway of how out of touch it - his sperm ran down my legs, the idea to his colleagues, more of the same to me I was hot again. more to come....
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